01. Nite (2015)
02. She takes me away (2008)
03. Movie (2015)
04. Nights & Days (2007)
05. The Compression of Desire (2007)
06. Your Life (Blues Version) (2005)
07. EFF (2008)
08. A Story of Fate (2007)

all songs written, arranged, played, produced, mixed & mastered
by Marc Lubberich.
Except “She takes me away”/ co-production, mixing, mastering,
drums & backing vocals by Sebastian Theelen.
Except “The Compression of Desire”/ drums by Marcel Schmitz.
Except “Your Life”/ production, mixing, mastering, acoustic guitar
& backing vocals by Sebastian Theelen. Electric guitar by Doc Brighton.

Thanks to everyone invloved evolving and improving this and making it happen after all.

This is a selection of songs that were recorded in line with the production
of Gemini. All songs were recorded somewhere in Mönchengladbach.

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